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Glitch Profile

Glitch (15 yrs old)

Type: Chihuahua Mix


  1. Gerber's turkey/Chicken Meal time baby Food
    $24 weekly

Medical needs: Medicine:

  1. Senior Bloodwork
    $250 Annual Cost

A Bit About Me

She is at least fifteen years old, blind, and demented. Sometimes she stops eating and we have to take her to the vet for blood work and an appetite stimulant. The last visit cost us $250.00 but it worked; she started eating again. She's too small for diapers, so we provide her with pee pads. She goes through about 50 a week, or half a box. She's so skinny that even XXS diapers don't fit. She has to be nudged every morning just to make sure she is still breathing. 

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