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Jesse aka Lumpy


Meet Jessie, our first official foster and resident of Moose Lodge Senior Pet Sanctuary. He is a Beagle/Retriever/Lab Mix. Jessie's story is a common one: it's unknown. He was pulled from a shelter in Tennessee by a generous rescue group on Staten Island, Blake's Sake. He ended up in a foster home near us, where he has lived for over five months with thirteen other senior rescues. That foster home is run by Megan O'Malley who has joined our team as Community Liaison. 

Jessie is old and covered with lumpy, benign fatty pockets. He's arthritic and was overweight before he joined us. Thanks to Megan, he's lost a lot of weight, and the tumors, checked regularly, remain benign. There is nothing outstanding about Jessie, except that he is a sweet-tempered creature who needs to feel safe, be fed, get his medications, and be loved. He returns such favors with a happy wagging tail and a cuddle. He learns quickly, and when he first visited our newly fenced yard, he ran around like a pup, daring our dog Memphis into a game of chase.  He loves treats, scratching, cuddling, and lying in the grass, he takes his meds well, and he is very human/animal friendly. 

 Jessie deserves a happy loving environment to live out his days; a place where there is no pressure to be anything other than a "good old dog." Maybe someone will want to adopt him. But until then, welcome home, Jessie.

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