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About Us

Moose Lodge (aka Golden Years Pet Sanctuary. org inc.) is a small non-profit, located on 2 acres upstate New York.  It is named in honor of Moose, a dog who fought a long and valiant fight against multiple cancers, until she succumbed to the disease in 2021. Moose Lodge is founded on the belief that all senior pets should live out their final years in the comfort of a loving and caring homestyle community. We adopt, foster and/or rehome abandoned or newly homeless senior dogs, seven years or older. However, senior cats and some other breeds of senior pets are also be welcomed on a case-by-case basis. We can also board if the circumstances are right. There are no kennels or cages, unless a cage is the animal's preference. All animals are housed and treated as family members, inside our home, with supervised indoor/outdoor access. 


Mission Statement

No Pet Left Behind

Our mission is to offer a loving home, our home, to senior dogs and other senior pets that need rehoming. They will receive quality care, first-rate medical attention, and bundles of love. To do this, we will:
1. Maintain a welcoming sanctuary in the security of our own home, with a large
fenced yard for exercise and play.
2. We will work with local shelters to rehome or find foster homes for canine and feline seniors. We will pay extra attention to those with medical needs. 
3. We will work to educate owners, fosters, and the general public on the value of
senior pets, and the joy they can bring to the lives of humans.
We are committed to giving these animals the serenity they deserve in their final years, without judgment as to why they came to us. When it is determined that an animal can no longer live with quality of life, we will give them the ultimate gift of a peaceful and pain-free passage to the Rainbow Bridge.  Moose Lodge will remain a sanctuary in perpetuity.


Meet the Team

David Jacobs Head Shot

David Jacobs
President, CEO

David Jacobs is a retired financial executive, and business owner. He is an avid animal lover and has been involved with numerous dog and cat rescues, transport, fostering and rehoming of abandoned pets.

Debbie White Head Shot

Deborah White
CEO, Treasurer

Deborah White is a professor of American History at Hostos Community College in the Bronx, New York. She has personally adopted many dogs and cats in her lifetime, and has been actively involved with rescue, foster, transport and rehoming of abandoned pets. 

Laura Woyasz

Laura Woyasz

Laura Woyasz is a Broadway performer and an avid animal lover. She is also a certified Reiki healer, with a specialty in Reiki For Animals. Reiki is a healing modality that can help dogs, especially senior dogs, to remain comfortable in their final years. 

Megan O'Malley.jpg

O' Malley

Community Liaison


Megan has been a lifelong dog lover and rescue dog mom. She's worked for the National Park Service for more than 25 years and has fostered more than close to 100 dogs of all ages and sizes. Seniors and special needs dogs are especially close to her heart.

Whitney Espinoza

Whitney Espinoza
Social Media Manager/
Web Designer


Whitney Espinoza has a Bachelor Degree in Media Arts. She has studied in the world of promotion and advertising.

She joined the team to help spread the word.

What We Need

A Home For Life

Most importantly, we need foster and adoptive parents. But not everyone can take in or care for a senior pet in their own home. Many of our charges come to us in need of medical care, which is often a reason their owners have given them up. Medical costs are 90% of our expenses. Without the generosity of donors, we could not give these creatures the medical care they need. Even the smallest donation helps. The costs involved in caring for any senior dog include veterinary care, surgeries, medications, special diets, and supplements. We cover the expense of euthanasia when it is clear that an animal’s quality of life has come to an end.  
There are times when we need funds not only for medical care, but for items needed to run a shelter. Examples may be fencing supplies, a second washer/dryer, bedding, food, and transport. As these needs come up, and if we cannot cover them ourselves, we will be reaching out to our supporters for help.

It takes time and money to give these gentle creatures what we all need the most: health, security, care, and love. 



October 24 - 31, 2022


Moose Lodge is proud to participate in Saving Senior Dogs Week 2022, October 24 - 31!

What is the Saving Senior Dogs USA?

It is a national senior dog awareness program. Our goal is to educate the public about the plight of homeless senior dogs all across the United States and the joys of adopting them.


We strive to do this through the collaborative efforts of senior dog rescues throughout the USA. We provide dog lovers across the country with a resource that is available 24/7/365 with information about senior dogs and how and where you can adopt them. 

For more information on Saving Senior Dogs USA and Saving Senior Dogs Week or to become a partnering senior dog rescue contact our Executive Director, Alice at or call 707-787-7010. 


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Volunteer Your Time

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Sponsor a Pet

Moose Lodge Senior Pet Sanctuary is focused on providing a home for rehoming or fostering individual senior animals that have lost their families through no fault of their own. If you are not able to foster or adopt a particular pet, that pet can be individually sponsored through donations that will go specifically to that animal's care and comfort. The sponsored donations include vet care, toys, food, and specific needs for each individual resident.

Meet our first resident!

Jessie Smiling (1) copy2.png
Moose Lodge Resident ribbon.png
Jessie Buttons.png


  1. Nutro Adult Kibble:
    $60 per bag

Medical needs: Medicine:

  1. Daily doses of Carprofen
    for his arthritis: 
    $15-$60 (monthly Cost)
    (Depending on the availability and generosity of suppliers.)

  2. Senior bloodwork and wellness checks:
     $175ea. (monthly cost)

Jessie, 14 Year Old Beagle/ Retreiver/ Lab Mix

Meet Jessie, our first official foster and resident of Moose Lodge Senior Pet Sanctuary. He is a Beagle/Retriever/Lab Mix. Jessie's story is a common one: it's unknown. He was pulled from a shelter in Tennessee by a generous rescue group on Staten Island, Blake's Sake. He ended up in a foster home near us, where he has lived for over five months with thirteen other senior rescues. That foster home is run by Megan O'Malley who has joined our team as Community Liaison. 

Jessie is old and covered with lumpy, benign fatty pockets. He's arthritic and was overweight before he joined us. Thanks to Megan, he's lost a lot of weight, and the tumors, checked regularly, remain benign. There is nothing outstanding about Jessie, except that he is a sweet-tempered creature who needs to feel safe, be fed, get his medications, and be loved. He returns such favors with a happy wagging tail and a cuddle. He learns quickly, and when he first visited our newly fenced yard, he ran around like a pup, daring our dog Memphis into a game of chase.  He loves treats, scratching, cuddling, and lying in the grass, he takes his meds well, and he is very human/animal friendly. 

 Jessie deserves a happy loving environment to live out his days; a place where there is no pressure to be anything other than a "good old dog." Maybe someone will want to adopt him. But until then, welcome home, Jessie.

Sandy Buttons.png

Italian bloodhound 


Very loving

Loves to be carried

Sandy, 15, Blind - Adopted

What we know of her is that she is an owner-surrender (no story attached to why), she's about 15, mostly blind, very affectionate, and loves to be snuggled and carried around. We believe she is an Italian Greyhound. 

Sandy was owned by an elderly person who could not take care of her anymore. She’s about 15 and a complete delight! She’s healthy and can probably see a little bit. She navigates well but she loves to be held and carried around in a dog sling. She makes friends quickly and easily. She's pee-pad trained and has no major health issues. Little Italian greyhounds like Sandy live long lives, so we hope she stays as healthy as she seems to be now. She needs to wear dog clothing because she gets cold quickly, even on the warmest of days. Her skin is so thin it's transparent. Sandy is a one-of-a-kind sweetie pie and will steal your heart.  


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Moose Lodge Senior
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